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CYBERBEAT brings extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in the banking and payment domains. Our team with an in-depth knowledge on transaction switching, cards management, payment processing, Enterprise fraud prevention, Digital ID/Token solutions and digital transformation of retail banking business works closely with global banking and financial institutions to address their needs with proven technology and Services.

Our Services

Cyberbeat team with substantial expert knowledge and experience provide targeted services to the organizations to manage their cards and payment business. Our services listed below will help you to use full potential of card and switch applications to develop and deploy innovative products for your competitive advantage.

If and when CYBERBEAT is required to develop whilst implementing, we will happily provide these services in-line with the proposed solution.

Project management and governance services

Provide project management and governance services

System integration review meetings

Perform system integration review meetings.

Handling multi-vendor implementation from bank’s point of view

Support to handle multi-vendor implementation from bank's point of view

Business Analysis

Provide Business Analysis to elicit requirements, including drafting documentation such as; Business Requirements Documents, Technical Integration documents, Functional Specifications and Non-functional requirements

User Acceptance testing and overall acceptance criteria

Support user acceptance testing and overall acceptance criteria until

Review and acceptance of configuration

Assist with perform Review and User Acceptance testing, migration and version upgrade services.

Our Partners

Our Team

Most of the senior members of Cyberbeat team has significant number of years of experience in the Payments and banking industry as implementors, systems support and consulting. This includes leading as head of delivery, implementation and support covering over 30 clients (banks, micro finance and processor) for CMS and Switch application. As well as direct support management leading support teams for the banking clients. Our team members have considerable experience and exposure engaging in projects led by global services companies such IBM GBS, HP, Accenture and EY etc Our team based out of Singapore with resources spread across Asia Pacific region provide the following business and technology services;

  • Providing Payment Processing Service
  • Enterprise Fraud Prevent and Detection solution fully utilizing AI and machine learning capabilities
  • Digital transformation services
  • Digital ID and Tokenization solution
  • Dynamic card creation for single use or recurring payment
  • Conduct selection of Digital Payment solutions, consulting client business and technology teams to identify requirement, highlighting key features in meeting business and technical advantage, selection process governance and verifying shortlists.
  • End-to-end Payment solution procuring after selection from implementation, golive to hand holding support.

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